Drreams, Drones and Diaglogue | Nick Bowers | TEDxTauranga

Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup 2017 secret weapon: an American surfer, self-taught in the world of drones, who had a dream.

Nick Bowers re-imagined drone design and captured never seen before images and data that gave Team NZ the winning edge. But he also captured the people and the stories behind the boat.

Everyone has a story and Nick believes that listening to each other’s stories will make the world would be a better place.

From his childhood building wooden boats and airplanes on his parents’ Wisconsin farm to Lead Designer at Periscope Aerospace, CEO of Kodiak Aerospace & Founder of Kettle Cinema, Nick Bowers is bringing his revolutionary drone designs to new and expanding markets.

Nick Bowers’ is an American entrepreneur, designer, and creator whose drone design helped Emirates Team New Zealand win the 36th America’s Cup.

Underneath it all, he is a dreamer.

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